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Our Choices


We prioritize natural materials in crafting our decor and apparel, with clear benefits for both individuals and the environment. This eco-conscious choice promotes better well-being for all.



Utilizing silk in apparel and decor production yields numerous environmental advantages. Silk, a natural protein fiber from silkworms, requires fewer synthetic materials and chemicals, reducing the textile industry's environmental footprint. It's biodegradable, decomposing without leaving harmful microplastics. Silk's production has a lower carbon footprint than synthetics, contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Being a renewable resource, silkworms allow sustainable silk production. Silk's durability lessens the need for frequent replacements, reducing material consumption. Its natural dye affinity enables eco-friendly, non-toxic dye usage, further reducing environmental impact. Prioritizing silk fosters a more sustainable and responsible approach in the textile industry, promoting eco-conscious consumption and production.


We use wool inserts for our decor pillows. Opting for wool brings multiple advantages. Wool is a sustainable, renewable resource sourced through ethical practices. Wool offers insulation and retaining warmth, making it ideal for bedding and insulation. It's naturally hypoallergenic, resisting dust mites and allergens often associated with feathers, making it a better choice for those with allergies. Wool products are renowned for their durability, maintaining loft and shape over time, and they excel in moisture management, helping regulate body temperature. By choosing wool, you not only benefit from these qualities but also support sustainable sourcing and local farming communities.

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