Designer FAQ

Can anyone sell their designs on AMBA COCO?

No, we curate all designers and their submissions and only accept ones that we believe are a good fit for the AMBA COCO brand.

Will all my designs be available for sale?

No, we curate all design submissions.

How much of a royalty/commission would I make on products that sell with my design?

We give a 5% commission rate on wholesale orders that sell with your designs. On future retail orders that sell with your designs, we will give 10% commission (at present we only offer wholesale orders). If you bring the wholesale buyer to us, then we will also credit you a 5% referral fee. However, you would not receive a referral fee and commission if you are the one placing the wholesale order.

Do I retain the rights of my work?

You retain all rights of your work. We ask for a non-exclusive right to re-sell your work.

Can I order products at wholesale?

Yes! If you would like to place a wholesale order with us you are welcome to do so. We will offer you the price minus your commission rate when buying items with your design.

How do I apply to sell my designs on AMBA COCO?

Please apply via the designer submission form.

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