Collection Serene

Inspired by the wonder of nature, AMBA COCO presents Serene.

Serene is a classical collection of silk pillows featuring a narrative of wild creatures and nature scenes.

The designs are infused with contemporary and heritage pieces, of American and European art, with artwork dating back to early 1800.

Each piece is designed as a form of Tactile Art.

AMBA COCO Collection Serene

The “Blue Heron” silk pillow incorporates colored etching by American painter and naturalist, John James Audubon.

AMBA COCO Silk Throw Pillows

The “Golden Lining Clouds” silk pillow. Design samples an original oil painting named “Buffalo Trail: The Impending Storm” by American painter Albert Bierstadt, in 1869.

Enhance travel with the serene comfort of AMBA COCO travel dream pillows.

Small silk squares with lavender and rose. Feel tranquility on the move.

AMBA COCO - Travel Dream Pillows

Mountain Valley” travel silk dream pillow. The mountain design samples original watercolor “An Alpine Valley” by Swiss painter Rodolphe Leon Berthoud in 1878.

AMBA COCO pieces are created with silk and Organic elements, each handcrafted in Northeast America with Korean Silk.

Explore the collections or learn more about AMBA COCO .

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