Ethical Luxury for your Home

At AMBA COCO, we strive for ethical luxury.

We employ an environmentally conscious mindset for all aspects of our business. Throughout every stage of product creation, we’ve placed a priority on selecting natural materials over synthetics and worked for creating a local first decision process for all aspects of production.

High-Quality Natural Materials

We use carefully selected high-quality natural materials. By using organic elements, we create a healthier product for you and your family and also.

In the creation of our pillow covers, we use a heavyweight 100% silk charmeuse fabric, a 100% organic cotton fabric whitened using GOTS approved hydrogen peroxide, and a 100% cotton thread and cotton piping. We source 100% wool filled pillow inserts with 100% organic cotton covers. The wool itself is washed only with biodegradable soap, so it‘s free from toxic chemicals.

In the creation of our travel size dream pillows, we use organically grown lavender and a 100% pure organic rose oil. Each dream pillow is hand-sewn and closed on the end with a non-toxic adhesive.

Silk Dream Pillows
Lavender & Rose Scented for a calming effect

The artwork on every AMBA COCO pillow is printed with biodegradable organic ink. The award-winning printing machine conserves electricity, resources, and it also recycles any unused or wasted ink.

Local Production

Home decor made in Connecticut
Handcrafted in Connecticut

We source materials locally and work with businesses in the local area as much as possible to reduce our overall company carbon footprint. Our product line of ethical luxury Tactile Art decor pieces is handcrafted locally. The pillow artwork is printed locally in New Jersey, all pillows are sewn together in Connecticut, and finally, each is packaged and shipped directly to customers within mainland USA.

The zips for the pillows and the pillow inserts are sourced locally from New York. The wool in the pillow inserts comes from New York sheep. The piping cords used in building throw pillows are made in the USA with domestically grown cotton. The lavender inside our dream pillows is grown in Massachusetts.

Our silk and organic cotton suppliers are New York and Connecticut based companies. The origin of the silk fabric is South Korea and the organic cotton in India.

Giving Back & Planting Trees

At AMBA COCO, we invest in philanthropy that supports earth-conscious causes. We carefully selected to donate a percentage of company profit to the American Forests organization.

The planting of trees helps to offset overall carbon footprints, fights climate change, promotes biodiversity including wildlife, supports jobs for U.S. workers tied to forests, and benefits human health.

Giving back - Planting trees in America
Investing in American Forests

We are excited to introduce our product, knowing we’ve worked our hardest to make a product that’s not only high in quality standards but also made in a human and earth-conscious way.

To learn more about AMBA COCO, visit our universe or browse our online shop where you can buy handcrafted silk throw pillows and silk dream pillows.

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