A Sustainable Approach to Manufacturing and a Luxury Service for Retail Buyers

Keeping massive inventories of product lines stored in warehouses is an expensive and environmentally unsustainable approach to retail manufacturing. A made-to-order / POD (Print on Demand) production method allows for a reduction in retail waste and offers the potential for offering a bespoke service. True luxury service is a bespoke one – it can allow the potential for the buyer to have input into the design creation of the product, thus making a unique offering for their clientele.

The POD market has been steadily growing over the last ten years, and it’s been beneficial for both the buyer and the designer. As a buyer, it increases the options for design possibilities available to them. For a designer, when licensing their designs to a POD company, they are able to bring their designs to market instantaneously and with zero cost to them. A win-win.

At AMBA COCO, we were inspired by the POD production method but desired to give buyers an upgrade to what was on offer. Our products are made with high-quality all-natural materials, and organic wherever possible.

A Luxury Quality All-Natural Product

All materials used in the production of our pillows have been chosen and sourced thoughtfully. All of our pillows are made of luxury silk charmeuse, at a 30 momme weight, grade A+ quality, which is an incredibly thick luxurious natural fabric. We use also use elements such as biodegradable organic ink, organic cotton, organically locally grown lavender, organic rose oil, and wool that has been washed with biodegradable soap only. You can learn more about the materials we use.

The AMBA COCO Made-to-Order/Personalized Service

We offer retail and interior design trade partners a made-to-order service and a unique personalized order service. With the made-to-order option, buyers can select for a wide variety of designs and select piping colors to match. With our personalized order service, it is a luxury service for buyers to have one-off collections made just for their clientele.

From design to product

To further help be a facilitator of a sustainable approach to manufacturing, we also keep our order quantity minimums as low as we can. By offering a low minimum order quantity requirement, retailers can stock their store with a smaller overhead to further help in reducing future retail waste.

Local-first Suppliers & Giving Back to Offset Carbon Footprint

We operate on a local-first initiative, prioritizing choosing suppliers in the U.S. first to reduce our carbon footprint. The artwork on each product is infused by a textile printing facility locally in New Jersey. The majority of the materials are sourced from companies in Northeast America. We source our wool inserts for our throw pillows from a company in New York state and our zippers are sourced from New York YKK brand. The lavender in our dream pillows is grown in Massachusetts. The silk and organic cotton are sourced through U.S. based companies, however, the materials themselves are imported from abroad. Finally, the production of all our silk pillows is handcrafted in Connecticut.

We give back a portion of profit to AmericanForests.org to offset our carbon footprint and support a mission we’re passionate about, our collective environment.

A New Platform for Designers

We are now giving designers the opportunity to sell their designs on our premium products, giving them royalties for each design sold. We also give designers an extra commission on top of their royalty if they bring the buyer to us.

Interested in becoming an AMBA COCO trade partner or learning more about the partnership? Please visit Trade Partners or send an email to sales@ambacoco.com.

Interested in joining the AMBA COCO designer community? You can learn more on the FAQ page, apply through the form, or send any questions to us at hello@ambacoco.com.

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